Fantasy F1

Welcome to 25th great year of Cambridge Car Club’s Fantasy F1 team managers competition.

Due to the delayed stat to the Formula 1 season we are going to use a spreadsheet developed by our own Chris Musselle to generate grid & race positions for each meeting that should have happend.

The system is based on the value we ascribe to the drivers with various incidents affecting the performance of the field.
The out turn of each session is based on a group of random numbers that I will enter.
We will use the result of each session will be published via e-mail and entered into the FF1 system to have show how your selected team/s have got on.

This is not part of the full FF1 competition – it’s just for a bit of fun.
The main FF1 competition will run with the Formula 1 season when it gets going.
We have decided to reopen entries for the proper FF1 competition until the Thursday of the 1st real race

Below is the current team results after the 3rd Round of The Complete Fantasy F1