Fantasy F1

Welcome to 29th great year of Cambridge Car Club’s Fantasy F1 team managers competition.
Entries now open.

Once again the objective was to use your skill and (armchair) knowledge of Formula 1 to assemble your dream team.  Regrettably this game is so life like that your funds are strictly limited and therefore your selection won’t be your dream team,  but the best that you can put together with the £35m you have to spend.

 Yet again the values have been set using the expert (?) panel assembled by Cambridge Car Club.  They were not far out last year.
How have they done this year?
Did you find the ones they have under priced?

There will be a modest prize fund, the exact value will be determined once we know how many entries we have.  However the prize fund will be about half the value of the entries received.

 Entries cost £2 and closed on Wednesday the 28th Feb 2024 at 23.59.

Below are the rules for the game. 


To win the most points over the GP season.  Fantasy teams will be awarded points according to actual race results.  All for only £2.00.


Team managers have £35m to spend on their team of two drivers, a chassis and an engine supplier.

Funds left over from budget count as 3 points for every million.
Similarly, but more harshly, over-spends count as 18 points negative for every million over spent.  The maximum overspend allowed is 5m.

Team selection

Based on actual teams currently expected to start the first Grand Prix of the season, fantasy teams must not represent real combinations below:
Chassis / Engine combination
Driver / Chassis combination
Driver / Engine combination
Should a driver or engine be replaced in the season then the Fantasy team selection is deemed to have changed in similar way.  YOU ARE BUYING THE SEAT AND YOUR ENTRY WILL NOT FOLLOW THE DRIVER SHOULD HE CHANGE TEAMS IN REAL LIFE.


There will be no disputes as the organiser’s decision is final, unarguable and otherwise god-like. He is also deaf!

Points are awarded for

2 * drivers   1 * chassis – (Average of both cars)   1 * engine  – (Average of both cars)

The value of points are awarded as:




Sprint Race Bonuses (Drivers only)
1st 25 12.5 Pole 4
2nd 18 9 2nd Pole 3
3rd 15 7.5 3rd Pole 2
4th 12 6 4th Pole 1
5th 10 5 Fastest lap 4
6th 8 4 Triple Bonus 4 Extra points for Win, pole and fastest lap
7th 6 3
8th 4 2 Best improved 6 Best improvement from Grid position to finish position
9th 2 1
10th 1 0.5

 Tie break

In the event of a tie, the position in the championship will be decided by the actual points margin between L Hamilton and G Russell

(Positive = L Hamilton higher; negative = G Russell higher)