Roger Holmes Trial 23rd Jan 2022

The Roger Holmes Trial was held at its usual Harlton venue on Sunday 23rd January. The trial has a format of a set of 5 tests marked out by canes on the hill with a mixture of bends and slopes to test the driver’s ability to keep going within the course and without losing forward motion.  This requires a variety of subtle techniques and some not subtle. The tests were repeated 5 times through the day.

The entrants were divided into 4 classes of vehicle:

Class A is especially designed to cater for ordinary modern road-going cars, essentially unmodified, which means you can enter using your ‘shopping’ car. Hybrid and electric vehicles can be used in this class.

Classes B, C and D are for mass-produced cars of any age and some modifications are allowed. They don’t need to be road legal.

Class E is for limited production cars and one-off ‘specials’.

The scoring system used in Trials means that entries in any class have an equal chance of the overall win. This is a great way to get cheaply, safely and quickly into competing in motorsport. Young drivers from 14 years old can enter as long as they have a suitably qualified adult with them.

This year’s event was won by David Holmes in a Seat Ibiza, the only competitor to avoid picking up any penalty points all day. Congratulations David! Close behind and the winner of class E was Geoff Hodge in his RDT Special, picking up just 1 point. Both are pictured below.

The full results are here.