Cambridge 50 Car Club Photos 1951

Scavenge Hunt 14th January 1951. These photos were taken on Milton Road, just outside the Milton Arms pub, looking towards the city centre.

Singer Special, Harold up
Final Instructions

The ’50 Car Club team for the Cambridge University Auto Club (CUAC) Lent term rally, 10th February 1951

Messrs, Buffett & Carlton
Messrs Farnham & Langford at Rosedale Abbey
Messrs, Cooper, Bartlett & Hall
Before the start at Bedford

CUAC Speed Trials at Bottisham 4th March 1951. We believe this was held on the WW2 airfield, between Bottisham and Lt. Wilbraham. Most of the old airfield has now disappeared under the plough or the A14.

D.Farnham cornering the Velox
One of the old brigade
The Moore Special
Stoop cornering a Frazer-Nash
Stoop and Frazer-Nash
Bartlet And Standard