Cambridge 50 Car Club photos 1950

50 Car Club Committee February 1950
The Original Committee
The Original Committee 2
Speed Trials Bottersham 4th April 1950
Don Again
Bug on the Line (as Bugatti's where known)
Another Bug
Archie + TD
Dancing Javelin
Men and Machines
 Treasure Hunt 7th May 1950
Line up at the finish
An Old-un
Mr A Scott-Brown the Winner
All Over!
Practice Speed trail Bedwell Hey 11th June 1950
Mr M Preston Aston Martin
The Prime Special
Mr P Harris cornering
Austin by Gladwell
50-07-01 Night Trial 1st July 1950
Before the off
Through the Splash
Waiting For Breakfast
Cars at Breakfast
Speed trial 17th September 1950
Cornering by Giles
JRA Climbs
Go West Young John
Gently Bentley
Crossword Trial 8th October 1950
S.L. Read,...Victor
Warm the pot , Paul
Night Trial 12th October 1950
Where's that Marshal
What's the clue
Nattering before the start
Look ... A Salmson
Bonfire Rally 4th November 1950
The Fire dies
Bonfire Group
Sizzling Sausages